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The ‘Ocean Youth Club’ was founded in 1960 by Chris Courtauld and the late Chris Ellis and now operates as a number of separate regional ‘Ocean Youth Trust’ charities. We have taken over 100,000 young people to sea over almost five decades.

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2010 we want to make contact with as many people as possible who have sailed or supported us by collecting information, photographs, stories and memories to gain publicity for our charity's achievements and alert a new generation to the possibility of sailing with us. We will keep you informed about our anniversary events and may even be able to put you in touch with old friends!

For further information, and to help OYT celebrate this important anniversary, please spend a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire by clicking here


'HMS' Pickle, the schooner OYT-East sailed on the successful Nelson Tour in 2005 is now on the market for sale by its current owner.

The vessel was not owned by OYT-East and was only charted to us at that time.

It is sad to see this wonderful restored replica of the original HMS Pickle, which was rebuilt especially for the Battle of Trafalgar Bicentenary Celebrations in 2005 lost to the UK and Sail Training Purposes with Young People.

If you can help us save this vessel for sail training please contact OYT-East.

(Tel: 0115 9399825 or e-mail to

HMS Pickle

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In 2005 Ocean Youth Trust East sailed the replica ‘HMS’ Pickle as she embarked on her Nelson Tour in the bicentenary year of the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Pickle

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